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Within this website, you will be presented with pieces that will help portray the styles of me, Daniel Duguay.
I like to be a diverse, well rounded individual that embraces multiple art forms within their respective mediums.
Shown below are samples of what I have to offer when it comes to creativity, and imagination. Although the list seems a bit small, it will be growing along as well as refined, as time goes on.

Graphic Design


DK Riddim

Hip-Hop Piano

Jazz Piano

Somethin Somethin

Manipulated Photos

About & Contact

My name is Daniel Duguay, and this is my growing portfolio.

I'm currently a second year student at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), within the New Media program.

Inside this website, you might of already noticed that there are pieces that showcase a fragment of my abilities in photoshop, graphic design, and simple audio engineering. I would also like to add that this website has been made from scratch (WITHOUT the use of a template), and will be improved on over time. The reasoning behind this diverse approach is that I don't want to be a specialist at one aspect of design, but rather be a well rounded individual. The pieces above strive to showcase these abilities as I grow to hone these skills over time, in addition to posting new work in the process.

If you would like to contact me

You can contact me via:
Email - Daniel.Duguay@edu.sait.ca
Email - Daniel.r.p.duguay@gmail.com
Phone - 1 (587) 433-6196

I hope to hear and collaborate with you soon.